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{ "date" : "2013-08-15", "author" : "fabio-thomas", "title" : " blue light induction, festivity time!", "content" : " after yesterday disastrous PCR, we decided to take another direction: put the terminator B0015 downstream of j23100_YF1_FixJ, then rebuild the complete device.We started from digestion (biobrick cloning protocol) of 500 ng in 25 ul of both the parts (j23100_YF1_FixJ part starting concentration= 234 ng/ul and B0015 starting concentration = 309,9 ng/ul). We deactivated enzymes, added SAP, deactivated it, then started the ligation: following the protocol, we used concentration values for both parts= 20 ng/ul. We made the control sample and three ligation samples (1:1, 1:2, 1:3); we transformed and plated them.Meanwhile I took back the experiments with the complete device, so I repeated the dilution cultures (5 ml this time) and tried it again, with a Blue lamp and a less intense LED induction. Moreover I induced with blue light the “mask plates” ,with the entire device, to see if colonies produce blue color if induced.Furthermore I inoculate some colonies from Viola’s plate containing the part S04617+EFE.", "tags" : " BlueLight_amilCP-B0015- S04617+EFE " }