"date" : "2013-08-15",
   "author" : "emil",
   "title" : "Emil's (re)begins",
   "content" : "I screened 5µl of the two PCR that I started the day before(5 of K823025 and 2 of E0840, These are the     results:      Unfortunately there isn't the ladder I loaded only the pure dye, otherwise can reasonably consider the PCR correct, after this I purified 3 backbone and the 2 GFP following the purification protocol with the following results:      
GFP 170.5 ng/6micro;lGFP 252 ng/6micro;lPXyl 1110.4 ng/6micro;lPxyl 277.7 ng/6micro;lPxyl 3137 ng/6micro;l
Sample Quantities
After that I did a digestion overnight of 3 µl of the GFP1 and the PXyl1 following the digestion protocol.", "tags" : "PXyl-GFP"