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{ "date" : "2013-08-17", "author" : "emil", "title" : "To be continued 2 ", "content" : " I verifyed that the transformation has succeded only in one case (1:1) with 4 colonies so I performed the miniprep following the protocol , after that I tested the construct by digestion with Sca1 following the Thermo scientific protocol for Sca1 digestion with the following result:

as you can see in the second lane ther is a single bright band at 6000 bp which correspond to the final construct, this construct were transformed in 400 µl Bacillus cells growth at O.D. 1.1 in Minimal medium following the transformation protocol . These cells were plated on Spectinomicin added Agar.", "tags" : "pXyl-GFP" }