On May, our iGEM team collaborated with Manaus team helping with their modeling. One member of our team, Marcelo Boareto, stayed in Manaus for a few days. There, he gave them a short course on modeling and helped then with problems specific to their project.

Marcelo and the members of the Manaus Team | Marcelo giving the short course | Members of Manaus team during one of the classes.

Brazilian teams

On August 17th, our team hosted an event witch brought together all the three brazilian teams (ours, Manaus and UFMG). During the event, a member from each team presented the project and after that we discussed the projects and exchanged ideas.

Members of the three iGEM teams and general public who attended the event
Andres Ochoa giving a lecture on Synthetic Biology | Otto presenting the project from USP-Brazil | A member from UFMG team showing their project | A member from Manaus team explaining their ideas
Everybody playing our Human Practice project, the Game of Genes | Members from the three teams answering questions from the public


Our team also collaborated with Synthetic Facts, a project from TU-Eindhoven team, helping to prove or disprove facts related to genetic modified crops based on the scientific literature.

The goal of Synthetic Facts is to provide an accurate and reliable source of information regarding the field of synthetic biology leading to the promotion of the field across the globe. This in turn will lead to a reduction in the number of Synthetic Facts available to misdirect those interested in the field of synthetic biology.