Life technologies Braskem IB-USP

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Life technologies is a global company that believes and work with scientists. Life believed and supported the Detecthol project since the begining. We need to say THANKS, your help was vital for the project development .

Braskem is a sustainable company that acts in the chemical industry with a focus in thermoplastics resins, being the biggest branch in the Latin America. Beyond all its industrial biotechnological apparatus, the Braskem cares about the development of human resources and the social aspect in our country. The Detecthol team thanks Braskem for the support to the project.

The Institute of Biosciences (IB), of the University of São Paulo, is an important center of education, research and divulgation of science, in Brazil and in all Latin America. The Institute believed and encouraged the students, enabling our participation in the competition. Our group appreciates the help, dedication and support of all members of the Institute. Thanks!

To the labs GateLab (IB-USP) and LaBio Tec (FCF-USP) we can only say: THANK YOU! The support and experience of the researchers, the employs and the professors Marie-Anne and Adalberto, was extremely important for the development of this project.

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