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1. Are you using the iGEM Software repository at If you have instead stored your code elsewhere, please explain where and why you have put it there. If your code is not in the iGEM repository, a re you using any version control system such as Git, CVS, or SVN?

Yes, we use the iGEM Software repository at

2. Does your software store any private data supplied by the user? (For example: the user's name and email address, passwords, DNA sequences, circuit designs, etc.) If yes, please describe what kind of data is stored. If no, skip the rest of this question and move on to question 3.

No, we don't store any private data.

3. Does your software include any other security features? Please describe them here.

No, we don't store any private data.

4. Does your software let the user create a design by choosing parts/genes from a list/database, such as the Registry? If so, which lists/databases are included? Is there any restriction on which parts/ genes the user can choose?


5. Does your software allow users to write new data into any public lists or databases? If so, do you check the new data for errors before allowing it to be written?


6. Does your software include any other features that encourage the user to create safe designs? Please describe them here.


7. Is your team also doing biological work in a wet lab ?


* Download a Safety PDF