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As one of the earliest Asian teams, we USTC_CHINA team have attended iGEM since 2007 and we took the lead in introducing iGEM to China. We obtained a gold medal in the first year and continued our victory in the next years, and so far we have obtained gold medals every year for successive 7 years.

With the development of iGEM, our team is getting more and more standard. We have established a rigorous and effective system for establishing and organizing teams, and every team inherits the spirits of veteran USTC iGEMers.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the internationalization of iGEM, we publish our team song for the first time, which incorporates our daily life and manifest our spirits. We hope iGEM will prosper in the future to build a platform for the young all over the world to realize their dreams!

Lyric: Zhang Sitao (Leader of 2013 USTC_CHINA)
Singer: Liu Danning (Leader’s Girlfriend)
Video Maker: Xing Huayue(Teammate of USTC_CHINA)
Sponsors: Deutsche Bank,China USTCIF


Travel almost all over China within half a year
Visit Five igem teams, Four CAS institutes, Seventeen senior professors
Give special report in Four universities and establish a preliminary cooperative relationship with One famous biotechnology company.


Tadditional lab open day, May Festival ,receiving more than 500 visitors.
Novel campus activity, Super Taste, publicizing synthetic biology to the future elites.

May Festival
Super Taste