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Team:UK-Knoxville -


June 11th 2013

Brandon re-plated transformations from yesterday and they did not work. Brandon will leave them in the incubator a little longer to watch for growth, but does not expect any. Still waiting to hear back from Eric on the status of the ligation/transformation he did. Last Friday (6/7) he picked up digested backbone, Aer-EnvZ, and OmpR, and planned to ligate the pieces and transform them in time to allow them to grow before today’s 5:00 meeting. Eric was able to confirm our Aer-EnvZ+OmpR construct in his lab. It has been confirmed in wildtype E. Coli. We need to prepare chemically competent ΔOmpR, ΔEnvZ, and ΔOmpR+ΔEnvZ transform our plasmid into.

  • Whole group meeting
  • Aer/EnvZ is in the wild type.
  • Keep the website broad for now. But keep the offline files detailed.
  • Need to get the mutants for the cytoplasmic platform.
  • Can grow E coli on nitrates under anaerobic conditions as a negative control.
  • Design characterization experiments and controls for each construct.
  • For outreach on June 14th - videos, photos, short write up, demonstrations / activities done...

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