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• We achieved the first synthetic transport system for bacteria through an artificial association with worms.

• We altered worms' behaviour through the controlled expression of an iRNA.

• We characterized and sent to the Registry biobrick original parts, including bioplastic-producing genes; the first synthetic symbiosis biofilm-based part; and the first Biobrick yielding an altered behavior of an eukaryotic organism: BBa_K1112000, BBa_K1112001, and BBa_K1112002.

• We built our own scanner and designed an image-analysis software, C++elegans, in order to detect nutrient-rich hotspots in heterogeneous substrates.

• We modeled the system in increasing complexity levels.

• We designed, performed and analyzed our work in the context of a RRI framework. We also wrote “Ten tales on Synthetic Biology”, a book of short stories showing five negative and five positive dream visions on SB.

• We collaborated with the Norwich, Purdue ("Characterization collaboration"), Copenhaguen ("Bricks of knowledge") and UC Chile (promoting "Research" the game) teams.

• We performed a successful pre-field validation test.

And we did all this with one of the pillars of Responsible Research and Innovation: transparency.