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VGEM Welcomes You!

Keith Kozminski

Associate Professor of Biology.

As an advisor of all things iGEM related as well as a continual source of information and aid at all hours of the day and night, we can only hope banana bread and a trip to Canada keep this man on our side.

Inchan Kwon

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering.

Regular meetings and advice on project direction make us truly thankful for Dr. Kwon as an advisor.

Jason Papin

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

Advising us on all things iGEM and pushing the limits of our modeling skills have made Dr. Papin invaluable.

Renaissance School

Renaissance is a local college preparatory school that has been working with our team to allow us to design and teach a course introducing students to synthetic biology. Our main contacts and supporters are Dr. Becky Wilbur and Mrs. Minutella.

Allison Chriss

PI of the Chriss lab in UVa Medical School's Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology.

Her advice greatly helped the applications side of our project.

Christopher Langguth

Christopher Cai

Richard Lee

Joshua Leehan

Elyse McMillen

Matthew Tucker

Jessica Yoo

Shaun Moshasha