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XMU Software 2013 team consists of 11 team members, 2 instructors and 3 advisors. This extraordinarily energetic and creative team is tightly connected by trust, collaboration and affection among its members.
Our Team

Prof. Baishan Fang

Dr. Baishan Fang is the professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. In the group of biocatalysis and biotransformation, his research mainly focuses on synthetic biology, mining and the transformation of the enzyme, construction of bio-molecular machines, the application of new biocatalysts. His major role of XMU iGEM team is to mentor for all and to enlighten the members.

Associate Prof. I-Son Ng

Dr. I-Son Ng is the associate professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. Her research interests are biofuel, engineering of enzyme and protein, zymology, genetic engineering, biochemical separation procedures and proteomics. Her role for the project is to provide suggestions and instruments.


Ruosang Qiu

It is great for a team to have an omniscient advisor, even better an inspiring one. Ruosang Qiu , our beloved advisor, definitely is offering both. Her hard work as well as undoubted adorable personality is the motivation of our team members' efforts, her clear mind combined with provident planning lays the foundation of our successful project, To quote her words: I' was a happy iGEMer in 2012, I'm going to make you all happy iGEMers in 2013.

Xin Wu

The past three years have seen his tremendous dedication to iGEM, Xin Wu, a passionate team member in XMU China 2011, a devoted team leader in XMU China 2012 and now, an invaluable advisor in XMU Software 2013. Had it not been Xin Wu's constant encouragement and guidance, we,the inexperienced iGEMers might have been faint-hearted and failed to face up to the challenges during the process. It is drawing on his expertise in synthetic biology and proficiency in iGEM competition that we have solved the seemingly unsolvable and conquered the seemingly unconquerable.

Youbin Mo

Youbin Mo is one of the great advisors of XMU software team in 2013. As a computational biophysicist, y, he is an unquestionable master of biological model and computer programming. In the meanwhile, website constructing is also Mo's technical ability which he acquired by participating the iGEM last year. Youbin gives play to his talent by teaching fundamental program skills to new iGEMers as well as directing them to be self-reliant synthetic biologists.

Team Video

Team Members

Yumin Hong
  • Human Practice
  • Photographer
  • Design User Interface of all software and tools
  • Design Visual Identity of team (team logo, mascot wiki, poster and so on)

Yuezhen Chen
  • Constructor of the circuit
  • Wet Lab Journal
  • Lecture and Theme Campus Party
  • Wiki designer and implementer
  • E' NOTE designer and implementer

Yijuan Zhang
  • BioBrick designer
  • Circuit construction
  • Data analyzer
  • The designer of Promoter-decoder, RBS-decoder
  • Lecture and Theme Campus Party
  • The chief translator

Xin Huang
  • Fluorescence test
  • Mascot maker
  • Travel management
  • Wetlab assistance
  • Data analyzer
  • Programmer

Tao Han
  • Talented programmer
  • Human practice

Shen Lin
  • Designer of the SynoProteiner
  • Human practice
  • Translater
  • Financial management
  • Wiki designer

Likai Qiu
  • E’ NOTE designer and main implementer
  • Wiki implementer
  • Network advisor of XMU-China

Jianxing Huang
  • Meeting memo
  • Draft specification of E’ NOTE
  • PPT of presentation

Jiang Huang
  • Fluorescence test
  • Designer of SynoProteiner part
  • Wetlab assistance

Han Cheng
  • Constructor of the circuit and fluorescence test
  • The chief of Human practice
  • Mascot maker
  • First lord of the treasury


Youbin Mo
  • Software training
  • Wiki checker

Xin Wu
  • Snacks sponsor
  • rescue worker

Ruosang Qiu
  • Charge of the whole project
  • Experiment training


All work described on this wiki or on our parts registry pages was done by iGEM Team XMU Software 2013. We managed to finish the whole project, from planning, financing to the complete dry and wet lab work by ourselves. Nevertheless we could not have done all this work without the help, advice and guidance of several people. Therefore, special thanks to the following people:

1. Team XMU China, the wet lab team of our university, gave us a hand to construction work.

2. Tina Zhang, the advisor of team XMU China, helped us in experiments, especially in site-specific mutagenesis and PCR.

3. Prof. Zhiliang Ji, College of Life Science, provided us with valuable guidance in choosing the project.

4. Prof. Shoufa Han, provided us with many instruments such as ELISA reader to test the fluorescence.

5. Qiang Kou, the previous team leader of SYSU-Software team, gives us lots of help.

6. Wenjun Rao, a shy boy from XMU Software College, build the beautiful interfaces for Brick Worker.

7. Wenyao Shao, a nice guy who allowed us use the room 105 as our camp for a whole summer vacation.

8. There are many friends we met during the last year, NJU China, SUSTC-SHENZHEN-B, USTC-Software and so on. Thank you for your supporting.

9. Our sponsors: Xiamen University and Mathwork.

Our City& University


Xiamen, also known as Amoy to the west, is a cozy city located in the southeastern part of China, and has a relaxing coastal charm with a population of 1.3 million. It's a historical harbor city which was founded in the mid-14 century, in the early years of the Ming Dynasty. In the early 1980's, Xiamen was declared as one of China's first Special Economic Zone, taking advantages of the city's heritage as a trading center and the proximity to Taiwan. In 2004 the city won the finals of the world's Human Settlements and Environment Award, "Nations in Bloom". Xiamen is one of China's most attractive and best-maintained resort city, and attracts a large number of foreign and local tourists. The city is easily accessible by air, and there are direct flights from Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. Within China, Xiamen airport is linked to more than 30 domestic airports.

Xiamen University

Xiamen University (XMU), also known as Universitas Amoiensis in Latin, is one of the top universities in China. It was founded in 1921 by Tan Kah-Kee, the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader. As an integrated university, XMU owns a comprehensive branches of discipline as well as many specialized institutes. Economy, counting, chemistry, life science and marine science all win high fame nationwide and even worldwide. The main campus of XMU locates in a picturesque setting between the sea and a scenic mountain, spreading over 150 hectares, and is generally regarded as the most beautiful campus in China.