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Lab Notes: May

Date Notes
May 24First lab day! Calibrate the pipettes, and check the working status of PCR machines. Made a plan for wet lab work.
May 25Set up new LB+Ch1 culture plates. BBa_K411003 culture. Sterilization of culture plates, cuvettes, centrifuge tubes, and PCR tubes.
May 26PCR amplification of BBa_K411003.
May 27Cut BBa_K411003 and pSB1c3 with EcoR I and Pst I.
May 28Gel electrophoresis of the PCR products on May 27th. Failed because of inadequate operations.
May 29Collect the products of PCR on May 28th. Cut BBa_K411003 with E+P and transform.
May 30Find out that pSB1c3 and pK411003 colonies are in good condition. Pick up colonies of these parts and transform again.
May 31Gel electrophoresis to analyze the results of transformation --- failed. Plasmid purification of pSB1c3.

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