The Registry of Software Tools


The registry of software tools for iGEM is currently hosted by GitHub. The site is located at:


  1. Each team instructor will need to create a user account on GitHub.
  2. Each instructor will be added to a specific GitHub "team" created for each iGEM team. These teams have associated with them a set of permissions and associated repository.
  3. Each instructor will then add their team members to their GitHub Team as desired.
  4. You are free to organize your GitHub repository as you wish. However the following are required:
    1. All source code and libraries (or links to them if they are licensed) must be made available.
    2. A README file must be in the top level of your repository. This should provide a general overview of your software, a description of the directory structure you have chosen, and instructions on how to compile your code into an executable.
    3. An executable (if applicable) for your code at the top level of your repository.
    4. An installer (if applicable) for your code at the top level of your repository.
  5. Text or video tutorial at the top level of your repository (this is a silver medal optional criteria).

Team instructors will be contacted by the end of August in order to add them to the appropriate GitHub teams to start the process.

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