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|Degradation rate of Ulp
|Degradation rate of Ulp
|Assumed the same as GFP
|Assumed twice the rate of GFP

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The separate modules: Timer plus SUMO and Kill Switch are combined to form the complete model of the system: Timer - SUMO - Kill Switch. For the final model, the kill switch module is converted in such a way so as the holin and antiholin to be activated by the Pci promoter.

Differential Equations


Parameter Value Description Units Reference
a 1020 Translation rate per amino acid min-1#a-1 [7]
cT7 4.16 Maximum transcription rate of T7 #m/min [2]
cptet 2.79 Maximum transcription rate of Ptet #m/min [4]
cci 1.79 Maximum transcription rate of Pci #m/min [3]
dmRNA 0.231 Degradation rate of mRNA min-1 [8]
dTET 0.1386 Degradation rate of TET min-1 [9]
dCI 0.042 Degradation rate of CI min-1 [9]
dPSU 6.3*10-3 Degradation rate of the peptide plus SUMO min-1 Assumed the same as GFP
dUlp 1.263*10-2 Degradation rate of Ulp min-1 Assumed twice the rate of GFP
lt7 0.002 Leakage factor of T7 - Assumption
lptet 0.002 Leakage factor of Ptet - Assumption
kci 20 Dissociation constant of Pci #m [10]
kcUlp 3 Turnover rate of Ulp min-1 [6]
ntet 3 Hills coefficient - [11]
nci 3 Hills coefficient - [11]
sci 228 Length of Ci amino acids [12]
sPSU 18 + 110 Length of peptide plus SUMO amino acids [12]
sTET 206 Length of TET amino acids [13]
sUlp 233 Length of Ulp1 amino acids [13]


Figure 1: Simulation Results