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The GFP generator (BBa_E0240) that we have requested from iGEM is not working. After several tests and checked that there is nothing wrong with our LB media and ampicillin, it is confirmed that there is something wrong with the generator as nothing grew. Fortunately, We managed to find a teacher who has GFP on hand! Greatest thanks to Lecture Li Zhan Ping for sparing us the GFP plasmid. GFP is indeed very pretty under the ultraviolet light. We cannot help but smile like a goofball from ear to ear 


Now that we have got what we need, we continued with bacteria culture and plating. It feels like soon our fingers are about to detach itself from its socket.


Part submission deadline is around the corner. For the past few days, everyone has been working like a maniac and finally completing our parts in time for delivery. It is our first time using Fedex international parcel. At first it was very exciting but after we found out how many forms we had to fill in, our faces went green! I can’t believe that even sending a part could be such a mission; the typhoon is swooshing outside and we had to ride a scooter to the post office… even the sky is shedding sympathetic tears for us. Luckily, conquering the ups and downs we have managed to send our dear parts onto the plane - safe and sound.


Happy Moon Festival! What a lovely view, the moon hanging bright, big and round above us. In Taiwan, today is the day where families reunite and spend family time together. This year our moon festival is dedicated fully to Hypnoseq! How pragmatic and touching? :)
It is 04:00 am now, it is about time to say goodnight to the shining ball and welcome sunrise~



We were hoping that this is our hallucination due to a lack of sleep but no! It is standing right before us under our nose, our E.coli turned into a plate full of green agrobacterium, turning our faces green along with it.


Another typhoon striking Taiwan! This is the third one our iGEM team is experiencing together. Worst of all, even CNN reported that this is the most complete and destructive typhoon in History…. How comforting?
Hopefully it wont affect us much… I guess it is a sign that we should stay overnight indoors and concentrate on our experiment?


Human practice, Biology synthesis camp day1:

This is a camp aimed specifically at newbies and second year students that are interested in iGEM and doing lab experiments.
A few members introduced iGEM and showed the attendants how to do some basic experiments such as cloning, bacterial culture, transformations etc. We also left some extra time at the end for them to experience working in the lab and let them physically work with the equipment’s.

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