Team:ATOMS-Turkiye/HumanPractice/Public Outreach





During the proceedings of our experiments, we contacted variety of scientists to discuss the contents of our project and question its safety. Prof. Dr. Aladin Szalay, founder of genelux corperation is a scientist who spent many years performing researches using the Nissle 1917 bacteria. Initially we gathered some questions on Nissle and e-mailed Prof. Szalay in which he offered to make a skype chat for a more in-depth talk. The one hour long conversation was based on iGEM following with our project in which we informed Prof. Szalay on our project and questioned him on how safe it is to use Nissle as our choice of bacteria. Prof. Szalay kindly answered each of our questions and also explained his current promising researches which enabled us to think on a larger scale and improve our project. We have also been invited for a two week training in his science research centre.

On the other hand, our faculty’s immunology specialist Prof. Dr. Bulent Bozkurt spared some time off his deadly full schedule to listen to our project where he asked questions that forced us to think deeper and seek answers for the unanswered questions; this enabled us to strengthen our weak points.


Three sets of presentations were held in our university where iGEM and our project was explained. Our intention was to enable each individual studying in our university to discover the intriguing contents of iGEM and what it feels like to be a member of such a rewarding organisation. In total, approximately 400 people including 1st, 2nd and 3rd year medical students listened to us. Many students then asked the following questions: What is application criteria for iGEM? How can I guarantee a place in next year’s team?


FATUBAT is a prominent congress which has a record breaking attendant number of 1,500 participants each year. Seeing this as a valuable opportunity, we introduced iGEM to the congress attendants and acquainted them on our previous project. Additionally, two workshops on Synthetic Biology and IGEM were held. Our intention in issuing the workshops was to gather the more interested individuals, divert and persuade them to become a member of the synthetic biology community. Different activities such as playing the Canvas Town game designed by Fatih Medical 2011 iGEM team, watching videos and holding a question-answer platform took place which enabled us to exchange ideas and maybe spark a light of interest.

The Dean and Doctors

Our faculty’s dean was only familiar to the word iGEM and nothing else. Therefore a meeting was organised with the university hospital doctors and the dean. Upon listening to our presentation of iGEM and Oncoli, some doctors offered the opportunity of working with tissues they will specially design for oncoli in which we will be able to continue our experiments. Their enthusiasm and support was essential and motivating. National Union We attended the national union organised by the METU-Turkey team and presented our project. This enabled us to practice for the jamboree as well as answering the questions asked by them. Following this a discussion panel was held on how to spread Synthetic Biology in Turkey.