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Human Practice

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Along with the development of science, iGEM encourages involvment in our community. In line with such a goal, BIOSINT_Mexico has approached its immediate social situation from different perspectives. So as to bring synthetic biology closer to our community, and at the same time, impact the regional scenario of the scientific and business community. This year, BIOSINT_Mexico engaged in diverse activities aimed mainly to spread the word of synthetic biology and to close the gap between this new-born science and several communities.

We've attended an international symposium, presenting the trajectory of iGEM teams in the field of probiotics throughout the years to some of the most prominent figures in the area. Besides, we've attended a major conference on biotechnology, exposing our work, and the work of other iGEM teams, to the student body and the business sector in Queretaro and the whole region.

But to make an actual difference in our community, it is necessary to impact some lifes very deeply, just as it is important to get a large exposure. To have a significant influence in the way people think, we've developed a workshop, with the single objective of empowering our peers so that they may get involved and develop the multidisciplinary skills necessary for iGEM and for life.