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Probiotics: iGEM contribution

We went to the most important congress about probiotics in Mexico City, to a competition of scientific posters. In this competition our poster was about the different iGEM contributions, about probiotics, in the last five years. We did this in order to inform the people in our country about the advances of the synthetic biology, how this can help to solve illness and other important problems.

During this event we met and dialogue with the Dr. Mariano GarcĂ­a Garibay director of biological sciences and health from UAM, and asked him what is the most important issue missing in modern probiotics? He replied that modern probiotics should not be directed in a general way because today the commercial ones do not have a specific function, this means that they do not attack a particular problem which should be treated with this tools. So the main objective of modern probiotics must be to fight specific problems of the public health which also can increase its commercial value in the market. A specialized function for a probiotic is what needs to be improved in order to ameliorate some of the most important health problems, and make it easier for people to take care of their health.

Similarly we had the opportunity to converse with the President of Yakult Mexico about the importance that the synthetic biology has in the probiotics and the big development of this in other countries, and how this advances and investigations will beneficially Mexico and the mexicans in a closed future . Also we talked about the iGEM competition and explained to him the projects of probiotics and how the combination of Engineering and Biology will help to create new systems, applicable to the development of intelligent, efficient and harmless probiotics.