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José Ricardo Cuenca Enríquez

About me: I'm a high school student coursing 5th semester, so you can call me the baby boy of the team. I'm extremely curious and independent. I like watching movies while I’m reading biological subjects.

Team role: Help everyone in any way I can, and work in the wiki design.

Qualities: Fast learning, powerful mind, hard work and sincere.

Random data: I love The Big Bang Theory and I speak 5 languages. What about that, baby.


Mariana Guadalupe Guerrero Osornio

About me: I'm a college student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing my 5th semester. I am a very sociable person and I like to meet people and learn about their traditions and cultures.

Team role: Assist in the design of synthetic pieces and help in the background research of the project. Work in the lab and, maybe non-related but just as important, make pies for the team, what a perfect way to go! Isn’t?

Qualities: Efficient team work, analytical person and very communicative, and when I talk about being communicative, it’s really being communicative, if you know what I mean.

Random data: I like dogs and viewing maternity TV shows. My favorite music band is “Queen”, I absolutely love it! I always sing Queen songs in the lab, just to cheer the team.


Juan Noé Hernández Salazar

About me: Student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing my 3rd semester. I love motorcycles and all kind of animals. I love being with my friends, live and co-exist with them. I always make my team laugh when we are working in the laboratory.

Team role: I am the official treasurer of the team and liaison with sponsors. My role in life is to bring joy to anyone I can and motivate them to keep on going. Everything is possible with determination and effort.

Qualities: Socialize, challenge, and improve.

Random data: I have a brown goat called “May”.


Alicia Gabriela Quiroz Rocha

About me: Student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing 5th semester. I like rock music and analyzing all types of biosensors. I do not like kissing, hugging nor any other effusive expression of affection, but deep down I have a heart of cotton and I'm very cheesy.

Team role: I’m the president of the team and I assist in the practical development of the project; getting the necessary materials and reagents, and the organization of logistics equipment. Even when others do not want to get their hands dirty.

Qualities: Quick learner, proactive, loyal, inquisitive mind and committed. I have very good scientific ideas.

Random data: Do you like aerobic respiration as much as I do?


Bryan Cruz Campos

About me: Student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing 7th semester. I love to play musical instruments and compose melodies with my guitar. I am an adventurous person who likes to be in all places possible, just like a nomad. I’m friendly and relaxed.

Team role: I’m the vice-president of the team and I work in multidisciplinary areas, like the assistance in the lab whenever possible, sponsorship, wiki, entailment with companies, etc. I help my team with any doubts they have.

Qualities: Entrepreneur, search for quick and alternate solutions, optimistic and persevering.

Random data: I love to dance 80’s disco music.


Alejandra Matsuri Rojano Nisimura

About me: Student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing 5th semester. I love baseball, I'm fanatic! I also like old movies, reading all kinds of books, and obviously, synthetic biology.

Team role: Collect money through vintages, assist in the technical operation of the project and carry out the Human Practices designing various courses related to the IGEM contest.

Qualities: I’m pretty good in scientific research, good at making corrections, I'm an intellectual girl, and I'm very persistent.

Random data: I dread fungi; I have panic to eating mushrooms.


Jaime Antonio del Castillo Nuñez

About me: Student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing 5th semester. I like video games a lot and I play them whenever I can. I also like electronic and metal music, which relaxes me. I`m an excellent salsa dancer because I love salsa. I learn everything I can and, if it is possible, I apply it. I´m not a very social person but when you get to know me you either love me or hate me.

Team role: Mathematical modeling. Supply management. Assistant in the development of the project and hard work in the lab in order to get results.

Qualities: Courage, wisdom, responsibility, good coordination, quick thinking and learning.

Random data: My dog is a boxer and his name is Rambo because I wanted him to be a badass just like me.


Laura Cortez Rayas

About me: Student in Biotechnology engineering, coursing 5th semester. I like energic music, watching movies, drawing, fashion, and swimming. I always keep everything organized, scheduled, and clean. I like to do everything very well.

Team role: Matsuri and I are the perfect duo of the team; we are confident and best friends. Together we take care of human practices, modeling of biological parts, and work in the biological software.

Qualities: Serenity, objectivity, hard work, responsibility and prudence.

Random data: I’m super fan of Legos. My favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean ship.



Ashutosh Sharma

About me: I work as Director and Research Professor at the department of Biotechnology of Tecnologico de Monterrey, Queretaro Campus, Mexico. I just love science and, naturally, I'm curious to why, how and what. I consider myself creative, dynamic, responsible, hardworking and a person with high ambitions. I am fond of ecotourism, adventure and music. I love fishing, driving and playing volleyball and cricket.

Team role: To support the team at all official, financial and technical issues.

Qualities: Leadrship, technical expertise, problem solver, helping.

Random data: I have just adopted a puppy named Brutus and my wife feels jealous of him when I to hug him.