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Cooperations with other iGEM Teams

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iGEM Team Wageningen

iGEM Team Wageningen contacted us on Facebook after we had posted pictures of colonies expressing the chromoproteins we received from Uppsala in our own constructs. Since they had some trouble transforming the chromoprotein constructs they got from the Uppsala team, they asked us if we could help out. As we already had built several constructs containing chromoproteins, we were able to send the iGEM Team Wageningen agarplates with the following constructs:

BBa_K592010 pSB1C3-amilGFP
BBa_K1073025 pSB1C3-B0032-amilGFP
BBa_K1073024 pSB1C3-J23100-B0032-amilGFP
BBa_K592011 pSB1C3-cjBlue
BBa_K1073027 pSB1C3-B0032-cjBlue
BBa_K1073026 pSB1C3-J23100-B0032-cjBlue
BBa_K592012 pSB1C3-eforRed
BBa_K1073023 pSB1C3-B0032-eforRed
BBa_K1073022 pSB1C3-J23100-B0032-eforRed
BBa_K864401 pSB1C3-aeBlue
BBa_K1073021 pSB1C3-B0032-aeBlue
BBa_K1073020 pSB1C3-J23100-B0032-aeBlue
New construct pSB1K3-J23110-B0034-aeBlue (designed by Team Uppsala)

Additionally we sequenced all constructs and shared this information with the Wageningen Team. As we experienced some minor differences between the sequencing information and the theoretical sequence provided by the Uppsala team, we discussed these results with the iGEM Wageningen Team.
In later experiments the colonies did not develop as much color in Wageningen as they used to do in our lab. We discussed this fact with the Wageningen team and gave them some hints to optimal culture conditions and color development based on our own experiments and experience.

Cooperation Wageningen
Chromoproteins on plate (Braunschweig's constructs, grown by Team Wageningen)
Cooperation Wageningen
Liquid cultures of the Uppsala chromoproteins, expressed within our constructs

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iGEM Team Uppsala

While working on our iGEM project we constantly tried to improve our system. Therefore we contacted the Uppsala 2013 iGEM team to obtain the chromoproteins they designed. They sent us four different chromoproteins, whereof we integrated eforRed BBa_K592012, aeBlue BBa_K864401 and amilGFP BBa_K592010 in our construct for a better visualization and easier detection of our different strains.

Cooperation Uppsala
Delivery of the chromoproteins
Cooperation Uppsala
Chromoproteins expressed by E. Coli

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iGEM Team Norwich

The iGEM Team Norwich asked us to support their project with soil samples from Braunschweig. Therefore Jan and Kerstin spread out to find suitable soil from different locations. The soil was taken from 2 cm below the surface and was transferred into 15 ml falcon tubes with specific labels. Five samples were taken in total from a meadow, a flowerbed, a riverbank, a walkway and a tree root environment. The tubes were sealed with parafilm and sent to Norwich. Click here to see what they did with the samples!

Cooperation Norwich
Jan taking soil samples
Cooperation Norwich
Package to Norwich
Cooperation Norwich
Incubated soil samples, picture courtesy to NRP-UEA-Norwich iGEM Team

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