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Helping Other Teams


BioBrick Workshop

We planned and hosted a three-days BioBrick Workshop to introduce to ourselves and to students from the University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen teams all the tools necessary to complete our projects. The workshop consisted of a mix of lectures, lab work and social events.

Full sequencing of BioBricks

We have verified the sequence of our submitted biobricks by sequencing them on the Ion Torrent that we are lucky to have on the institute. Depart from our own biobrick we saw the opportunity to fully sequence other already existing biobricks. 7 samples were picked which contain very useful backbones that every team get with the DNA samples from iGEM HQ. These 7 backbone bricks are the following:

  • pSB4K5
  • pSB4C5
  • pSB3C5
  • pSB1A3
  • pSB1T3
  • pSB3T5
  • pSB1AK3

Improving the parts registry

We did a lot of work to improve the parts registry by:

  • Adding full information about our own parts
  • Reviewing parts from other teams that we have been using
  • Adding a new page with the sequences of our pBAD SPL

Bricks of Knowledge

Filmed "Bricks of Knowledge" video on USER cloning for KU team.

Link to their wiki: University of Copenhagen iGEM 2013 team

Soil Sample to NRP-UEA-Norwich iGEM 2013 team

Link to their wiki: NRP-UEA-Norwich iGEM 2013 team

Filled in Survey on Cloning Techniques for Greensboro Austin iGEM 2013 team


Link to their wiki: Greensboro-Austin iGEM 2013 team