Team:EPF Lausanne/Calendar/15 August 2013


Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


Cell Surface Display

BBa_K523013 Characterisation
Characterisation of the iGEM plasmid BBa_K523013 we decided to use.


Primer Resuspension
-We received our primers and resuspended them. Then we diluted them in order to have a final concentration of 100umol.

Inoculating Bacteria
-From each agar plate that we incubated over-night we inoculated one colony in order to make a glycerol stock of MMP2 and MMP9 containing bacteria the next day.


Making Nanoparticles, 2nd try
- The nanoparticles are done.
- Characterisation of the new gelatin nanoparticles with the DLS : their average size is 160 nm !