Team:EPF Lausanne/Calendar/17 September 2013


Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


Cell surface display
New strategy: -Dpni digestion of the PCR product, that didn't look perfect on the gel, but might still be worth a try, especially since the time is running out, because the semester starts today. - Gibson assembly second try of the INP-YFP-Streptavidin construct and the INP-Streptavidin-YFP construct. Sensing-Effector

Inoculation and glycerol stock
-In the morning I inoculated the bacteria that were grown over night (with the hya-promoter, the cad-prmoter and the constitutive promoter). In the evening I then used this liquid cultures to do a glycerol stock of each construct as well as a MiniPrep of the remaining culture in order to have a plasmid stock.