Team:Linkoping Sweden/Human Practice



SynBio Day at Uppsala

A fantastic day in the spirit of SynBio. Presentations were held by both the Uppsala team and the Linköping team. Guest professors also presented their work and a discussion about the safety of synbio and GMO was held.
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Lecture at Wolfram/Mathcore

Presentation about our model and the project for one of our sponsors.

Lecture at New Tools for Health

Presentation about our Biosensor for the board in NTH

Collaboration with Uppsala iGEM team

The Uppsala iGEM team has contributed with a lot of help in the understanding and practical information about the iGEM competition and also the best way of designing biobricks. They have been giving us advice and protocols. Thank you big brother!
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Collaboration with NRP UEA iGEM team

The NRP UEA team asked for soil samples, of course we helped them with this!
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Lecture for High School Students

We had a lecture for high school students interested in synthetic biology.
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Lecture for College Students

Students at the University was having an introduction day for future studies, the LiU iGEM team seized the moment and presented an introduction for the iGEM competition and synthetic biology.

Interview in the Swedish Radio P4

The LiU iGEM Team contacted the Swedish radio P4 for an interview that was sent live regional and afterwards published on the internet for international listeners. The LiU iGEM Team spoke about the iGEM competition and synthetic biology. Radio 2.jpg

Interview in the LiU Newspaper

The team was interviewed by the universities newspaper, this marked the start of the teams Human practice.