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Protocols & important dates

"If it is not documented, it doesn’t exist." - Louis Fried

Obviously, Louis Fried was wrong - and luckily so, we might add! But it is true that if it is not documented, we don't know whether it exist. So please, click through the tabs below and catch a quick glimpse of our most treasured moments of the summer. We kept a calender of special events since the start of the project. And if you have the yearning (particularly after reading our Results), open up our thorough protocols below.

Major events

28.02.2013 - Assembly of the team

March 08.03.2013 - 10.03.2013 - Teambuilding: iGEM crash course (DTU)
21.03.2013 - First meeting: get to know each other

April - Brainstorming
29.04.2013 - Social dinner and introduction to wiki design

May - Brainstorming
08.05.2013 - A consensus was reached: Bacteriorganic Rubber

11.07.2013 - Barbeque dinner
17.07.2013 - Tour des chambres

08.08.2013 - Squash tournament
22.08.2013 - Cabaret show, HCA festival 2013
31.08.2013 - 01.09.2013 - DK meetup

04.09.2013 - Supervisor Ann makes dinner for responsibility delegation meeting
25.09.2013 - Dinner after status meeting
26.09.2013 - Dinner with previous SDU iGEM teams

03.10.2013 - Late-night pizza

Lab successes

21.07.2013 - pSB1C3-Pcon-dxs (B. subtilis)-amilCP
25.07.2013 - B. subtilis DXS biobrick
25.07.2013 - E. coli IspG biobrick
29.07.2013 - pSB1C3-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)-linker-GFP
31.07.2013 - pSB1C3-Plac-dxs (E. coli)-linker-GFP

01.08.2013 - We realized LacI should be overexpressed in order to get repression of the lac promoter
01.08.2013 - Sequencing of E. coli dxs standard part
05.08.2013 - pSB1C3-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)
19.08.2013 - HRT2 biobrick
19.08.2013 - pSB1C3-Plac-dxs (E. coli)
19.08.2013 - pSB1C3-Pcon-lacI:LVA-term
17.09.2013 - LacI BioBrick
17.08.2013 - pSB1C3-Pcon-araC-term
21.08.2013 - pSB1C3-lacI:LVA-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)
23.08.2013 - pSB1C3-lacI:LVA-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)-linker-GFP
24.08.2013 - Characterization of LacI:LVA function
24.08.2013 - Confirmation that we could control the expression of Dxs with LacI:LVA using IPTG
28.08.2013 - pSB1C3-lacI:LVA-Plac-dxs (E. coli)
30.08.2013 - pSB1C3-Para-HRT2-(FLAG)
30.08.2013 - Growth experiment for MG1655/pSB1C3-lacI:LVA-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)+/-GFP

13.09.2013 - pSB1C3-araC-Para-HRT2-(FLAG)
17.09.2013 - pSB1C3-lacI-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)-linker-GFP
17.09.2013 - Characterized device with LacI and found that it functions better than LacI:LVA
20.09.2013 - Growth experiment for MG1655/pSB1C3-lacI-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)
21.09.2013 - pSB1K3-araC-Para-HRT2-(FLAG)
21.09.2013 - Growth experiment for MG1655/pSB1C3-lacI-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)-GFP
22.09.2013 - pSB1C3-lacI-Plac-dxs (B. subtilis)

01.10.2013 - Characterization of AraC function
02.10.2013 - Confirmation that we could induce and control the expression of HRT2

iGEM deadlines

09.08.2013 - Team project description due
30.08.2013 - Track selection
30.08.2013 - Project title

23.09.2013 - BioBricks Part DNA shipped to iGEM HQ
25.09.2013 - BioBricks Part DNA at the Registry (Received at iGEM)

04.10.2013 - European Wiki freeze
11.10.2013 - 13.10.2013 - Regional Jamboree Lyon
28.10.2013 - World Championship Wiki freeze

01.11.2013 - 05.11.2013 - World Championship Jamboree Boston

When working together in a large group, particularly on such a large project, it is simply impossible for anyone to maintain an overview over the entire project in real time. That is why it is important to keep protocols of every part of the project, to document every experiment that is performed. This allows each team member to backtrack and to resolve any issues with (or mistakes made in) previous experiments. Countless digestions and hundreds of PCR reaction were done, and the explicit protocols established which setups were effective, and which were not. Our iGEM-team has kept protocols since the dawn of the project, and they have proven to be an invaluable resource, which saved us quite a bit of time. To ensure the consistency of execution, each experiment was done by following one of our Standard Operating Procedures, which can be found under "SOPs".

Click on the project title below to expand the window and get an overview of the protocols for each project part. Each protocol name is a link to a pdf file that will open in a new window. All were written on the basis of our Protocol Template

Primer design and Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Basic Parts
Devices; our Composite Production Systems
Reporter systems