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Project idea

The project idea - the detection and quantification of progestins in water samples - was drafted by the team members themselves last year. This year's team continued last year's work.

System design

The overall system design was drafted in close cooperation with the team's instructors. All primer design was performed toghether with Dr. Kristian Apel (student team members were present at all times during design sessions).

Lab supplies

All media (LB, SOB, YPD, SC), most buffers (TAE) and all competent cells were prepared by the team-members themselves following protocols that were provided by Professor Jansen's team without any additional help. Reagents like carrier-DNA (salmon sperm DNA) and ONE-STEP buffer for yeast transformations and antibiotics were provided ready-made by Professor Jansen's team.

Lab and lab hardware

Most experiments were carried out at the team's laboratory at the IFIB (Interfakultäres Institut für Biochemie) in Tübingen. The team's laboratory was kindly provided by Professor Ralf-Peter Jansen. Due to lacking hardware at the team's laboratory, some team members have carried out select experiments at University of Tübingen's ZMBP (Zentrum für Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen) or at the microbiological institute. All team members were introduced to the handling of complex instruments by the team's instructors or (when necessary) by the host lab's workers. After this introduction all lab hardware was operated solely by team members.


All DNA-sequencing was performed by an external provider (Eurofins). In most cases sequencing results were evaluated by the team members alone. Sometimes results were discussed with the team's instructors. In some cases, the secquencing primers were created in collaboration with the instructors.

Lab work

All lab work was conducted by the team members themselves. Neither the team's instructors nor host lab workers have performed one single experiment. External influence on lab work was restricted to advice.


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