1. Do the biological materials used in your lab work pose any of the following risks? Please describe.
a. Risks to the safety and health of team members or others working in the lab?
Answer: Ethidium bromide and some genetic engineering relative reagent have risk to members’ health. Consequently, we attached great importance to the protection while doing experiments.

b. Risks to the safety and health of the general public, if released by design or by accident?
Answer: Agents used in our project (E.coli, yeast) will not cause diseases among healthy adults.

2. Furthermore, we got lots of education about the safety in lab, which we would follow these rules during experiments.
a. Risks to the environment, if released by design or by accident?
Answer: NO. The protein products, at least from understanding, will not do harm to our environment. Moreover, strict lab rules are executed to further ensure safety.

b. Risks to security through malicious misuse by individuals, groups, or countries?
Answer: We got a lot of moral education on biological experiments. If EB is maliciously misused, it will degrade when exposed to light.

3. If your project moved from a small-scale lab study to become widely used as a commercial/industrial product, what new risks might arise? (Consider the different categories of risks that are listed in parts a-d of the previous question.) Also, what risks might arise if the knowledge you generate or the methods you develop became widely available? (Note: This is meant to be a somewhat open-ended discussion question.)
Answer: According to the current knowledge we got, we deem it riskless to apply our project to a commercial or industrial products.

4. Does your project include any design features to address safety risks? (For example: kill switches, auxotrophic chassis, etc.) Note that including such features is not mandatory to participate in iGEM, but many groups choose to include them.
Answers: Yeast is an auxotrophic strain and BL21 is a general strain in lab.

5. What safety training have you received (or plan to receive in the future)? Provide a brief description, and a link to your institution’s safety training requirements, if available.
Answers: We learned about the regulations of laboratory and follow the guidance of our senior fellows.