19 June 2013

From 2013.igem.org

We continued doing SELEX 8 for CEA. We have done the following:

  1. precipitation
  2. PCR
  3. Checked our PCR products by running them in the gel
What we have obtained in the results was that our aptamers were not of the appropriate size, i.e. not 80bp. Therefore, we are planning to repeat the SELEX, but already with aptamers from SELEX 6.
In addition, at the end of the day, our team made the presentation for our mentors about on which point we are in our project. We have shown them how are we going to construct the our plasmids which will contain the fused genes. We have also decided to start growing cultures of S.cerevisae, and to start preparing the part of cloning of our aptamers.