Dear iGEMers,

We have teamed up with ACS Publications to offer a iGEM Special Issue for your 2013 projects! We would like to invite all teams to submit original work to ACS Synthetic Biology’s "iGEM 2013" special issue. ACS Synthetic Biology has the highest editorial standards, offers rapid publication of your research findings and imposes NO author submission, page, color, or cover art charges. All accepted submissions will be will be freely accessible on the web as viewpoint pieces.

Teams will also have the opportunity to have their work featured on the cover of the special issue and be interviewed for ACS Synthetic Biology’s monthly podcast series.

The submission deadline is January 17th, 2014.


  • The title of the paper should focus on the discovery or new data and not the overall objective of the team. E.g., if you developed a bacterium to terraform mars, but your data from the summer is a new constitutive promoter, the title should be "A new constitutive promoter with x, y, z properties." Remember, no result is too small.
  • The abstract should also avoid the ultimate objective.
  • However, the ultimate objective and broad goals/ideas of the team can be outlined in the introduction and ending.
  • The results, again, should focus on what is shown.
  • In the introduction and ending, you may include information about the organization, challenges and fun things associated with the team.
  • Professional-quality figures are encouraged (i.e. please don’t copy/paste graphs from Excel). Please look at the example graphics at the bottom of the page.
  • Small papers ~500-1000 words are preferred. Please limit your submissions to 2-3 page communications.
  • A total of 5 references is preferred. The maximum number of references permitted is 10.
  • iGEM papers will be reviewed by other iGEM teams and team leads.

Materials required for submission

This is the list of all the things you will need to submit your paper. We recommend reading over the submission guidelines to make sure you have the correct file types. For example, ACS only accepts .pdf and .tif graphics files; .jpeg images will not be accepted. Once you have these materials together, you can login to the ACS site as instructed below and upload your submissions:

  1. Paper title
  2. Name, title, affiliation and address for each author on the paper
  3. Order of author names on the paper
  4. Cover letter (more details below)
  5. Conflict of interest declaration (relevant if you have competing financial interests)
  6. You need to state which graphics software and version used to create the graphics
  7. Manuscript file (the text file forming the bulk of your paper, .doc, .docx, etc)
  8. Graphics files (.pdf OR .tif files)
  9. Declaration stating your work is not published elsewhere (except on

Instructions for Submission

If you wish to submit your research to the ACS Synthetic Biology "iGEM 2013" Special Issue (and we hope you do!), please consider the following when preparing your manuscript:

  • In order to submit a paper, you will need to go through the ACS online submission system that can be accessed here:
  • If you do not already have an ACS account, first create one by clicking on the ‘New User? Register here’ link.
  • Once you have logged in, select ‘ACS Synthetic Biology’ from the ‘To submit a NEW manuscript’ list.
  • Next, choose ‘Viewpoint’ from the ‘Manuscript Type’ drop-down menu and ‘iGEM 2013’ from the ‘Special Issue Selection’ drop-down menu.
  • Also, please state that your submission is intended for the iGEM 2013 Special Issue in your cover letter. Remember, the purpose of your cover letter is to inform the Editor of your major findings and to highlight the relevance of your submission for the journal’s readership. Do NOT repeat your abstract here.
  • Further details on ACS Synthetic Biology submission guidelines can be found here:

Other Details

  • ACS Synthetic Biology does not impose any submission, publication, page or color charges.
  • Additional Author Benefits can be found at: .
  • The deadline for submitting to the iGEM 2013 Collection is January 17th, 2014.
  • Please note that all submissions to ACS Synthetic Biology are subject to peer-review and no guarantee of publication or inclusion into the final issue can be made prior to review.
  • Please contact the Managing Editor of ACS Synthetic Biology, Ranjini Prithviraj (r_prithviraj [AT] acs [DOT] org) if you have any further questions or concerns.

Example graphics from previous issues of ACS synthetic biology

Example 1:

Decaffeination and Measurement of Caffeine Content by Addicted Escherichia coli with a Refactored N-Demethylation Operon from Pseudomonas putida CBB5

Erik M. Quandt, Michael J. Hammerling, Ryan M. Summers, Peter B. Otoupal, Ben Slater, Razan N. Alnahhas, Aurko Dasgupta, James L. Bachman, Mani V. Subramanian, and Jeffrey E. Barrick ACS Synthetic Biology 2013 2 (6), 301-307


Example 2:

Expanding the Product Profile of a Microbial Alkane Biosynthetic Pathway.

Matthew Harger, Lei Zheng, Austin Moon, Casey Ager, Ju Hye An, Chris Choe, Yi-Ling Lai, Benjamin Mo, David Zong, Matthew D. Smith, Robert G. Egbert, Jeremy H. Mills, David Baker, Ingrid Swanson Pultz, and Justin B. Siegel. ACS Synthetic Biology2013 2 (1), 59-62


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