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iGEM 2013

    The iGEM Asia Jamboree 2013 will be hosted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Theme of the Year: Synthetic Biology and Our Society

    One of the most influential modern technologies is genetic engineering of biological organisms to help human beings to resolve problems associated with our sustainability on planet earth. The name of synthetic biology as its emergence from genetic engineering has also taken us from the biology field to various aspects of science, medicine, and engineering. Such new technology of synthetic biology stems from the understanding of our genetic materials and its modification for applications in various aspects of health and medical cares, food and energy supply, environmental sustainability, industrial production and monitoring, all have significant impacts on our society as a whole. We hope to promote the idea of using synthetic biology to the people of Hong Kong with innovative ideas that will help solving many problems associated with human’s sustainability on earth to meet our societal needs. Reporters will be invited to join our Asia 2013 Jamboree and hopefully our message will be delivered to the general public.


    2013-11-25: Randy’s Video at the Closing ceremony .
    2013-10-07: iGEM Asian Jamboree is over, here are the results , and the photo albums.
    2013-09-23: The registration is over, Guest Attendees are welcome. Please click to:
    2013-08-15: The online booking system for the Practice Session on Oct 4, 2013 (Friday Night) is now open! You can make your reservation at this link.
    2013-08-02: Welcome Letter from the iGEM Asia Organizing Committee 2013.
    2013-07-26: Read the iGEM Headquarters Welcome Letter to find out all about iGEM 2013!
    2013-07-24: Registration for the Regional Jamborees is now open! See the Jamboree Attendance Fee page for instructions on how to register for your Regional Jamboree. Be sure to register by the August 23 deadline !
    2013-07-24: As you begin to work on your team wiki, be sure to keep the wiki requirements in mind! Note: Flash is not permitted on 2013 team wiki pages.
    2013-07-11: The online visa invitation letter system is now live! Team members needing a visa invitation letter can generate one by logging into their account.
    2013-07-06: iGEM 2013 judging requirements are now posted. Click here to find out the differences from that of 2012.
    2013-07-02: Hotel booking is available on or before August 16, 2013. Details at this page.
    2013-06-20: Grand Opening of the iGEM Asia Website 2013!



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