Starting prices:
Under 60€

Between 60€ and 75€

Between 75€ and 100€

Over 100€

Use the code "IGEM 2013" to book your rooms at the "Hotel Des Congrès" or "Hotel Lyon Ouest" and get special offers (rates per room per night):
- Hotel Des Congrès : 60€
- Hotel Lyon Ouest : 70€

Accomodation information : hotels enlisted here are meant to help you visualize their localization.
The iGEM 2013 Europe Jamboree will take place on the LyonTech-La Doua Campus depicted by our logo.
Starting prices are just indicated so you can pick what will best suit you. Unfortunately, we were unable to negotiate special offers for iGEMers, besides the ones listed above. You will have to contact the hotels by yourself.

Please note that a Real Estate Congress will take place in Lyon over the same weekend. So make sure to contact the hotels early enough to book your rooms.