Igeme team

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The Executive Team

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Will Dolatoski

Will, a senior in Agriculture and Biological Engineering, has relevant experience with computer aided design and a firm handle on synthetic biology processes concerning cloning. With these two skill sets, he has worked on the design aspect of the machine and seeks to recruit more members to solidify the design.

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Adi Malik

Adi, a second time iGEMer, is responsible for identifying the potential of an automated cloning system. He has significant experience in business strategy, product development, and technology commercialization. Aside from being a cofounder of Vivosynth Technologies, Adi is a seasoned stock investor, avid guitar player, and die hard Bulls fan.

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Ashley S. Moy

Ashley is Vivosynth's artist in residence. Her passions have always been art and biology, and she was thrilled to join the Vivosynth team to apply her background in industrial design and bioengineering to the making of ModuLab.