SUSTC/12 August 2013



Today the materials we purchased come eventually, everyone appeared to be a little excited for we began our new conquer and started to complete the requirements of the IGEM. Besides, because the new lab was still very simple and crude, many devices were not available, we did not have to arrange so many people on this for the experiments could be done by two or three guys, so other team members started to learn the computer programming language html and css, for we had to design our website. And under the instructions of our advisor, some of our members were absorbed in constructing the main plasmid for our project.

We checked the function of the xylose and the nitrate inducible promoter.

  • 1.Prepare the 10% xylose solution and the 1mol/l nitrate solution, then filter.
  • Transform the biobrick into the competent cells, and culture them for 1h.
  • Prepare culture with different xylose concentrations, 1%, 0.1% and 0, and each concentration should be prepared for two culture dishes, one for cam resistance and the other for kam resistance.
  • Prepare culture with different nitrate concentrations, 10m M, 2.5m M and 0.
  • Coat plates, and culture for one night.