SUSTC/13 September 2013



Our parts for plasmid has been put up together and confirmed, so today we started to prepare to construct our own plasmids. Because the plasmid backbone sent by iGem has been at mail room for more than one month, we were worried about whether it could still work, so we decided to use the plasmid backbone in BBa_K774007 and BBa_K741002. We then use E.coli restriction enzyme and Xbal restriction enzyme to cut BBa_K774007 and BBa_K741002, and used electrophoresis to separate each part. What made us most entangled was that the lines were diagonal to the water level and so close to each other, which was really difficult for us to incise the colloid. Finally, we finished cutting, but we are not sure it’s pure for we to use, or it could be used