SUSTC/28 July 2013



The problems that we predicted had come to reality, which meant we could not carry on any experiments. The whole lab moved to the new site of our campus, which was not well equipped for experiments, and the new lab was totally a mess. In these few days, we were occupied with sorting out all kinds of goods, reagents and devices together with our teacher. In the meantime, we started to found out the requirements of IGEM that each team should exam the functions of the biobricks that had been constructed by other teams before.

We separated our team into three parts. One part was responsible for searching for the relevant information and proper biobricks, and one part collected them and ordered reagents, while the other part went to the new lab to get to know all kinds of new devices.

Though we had not done experiments in these days, we guys still paid many efforts and made preparations for the later experiments.