Safety Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this page to help answer some of your questions about the new 2013 safety forms. If you question is not here, you can ask it by emailing safety [at] iGEM [dot] org.

My team is using an organism classified above BSL1, or a mammalian cell line, in our laboratory. But we are not using it as a chassis organism. Nor are we using genetic parts derived from it. Must we complete a Biosafety Form Part 2 for this organism?

Yes, please fill out the Biosafety Form Part 2 for any organism (classified above BSL1, or mammalian) that you are handling in your lab work. You should fill out this form even if you are not using the organism as a chassis, and even if it is not the parent organism of any genetic parts you are using. The purpose of the Biosafety Form Part 2 is to make sure that you understand the risks involved in handling such organisms, and are prepared to use proper safety methods.

For question 3 on the form, please give a short description of the cells you are using and what you are using them for.