Requirements for Participation in the iGEM Software Division 2013

The requirements for participation in the iGEM 2013 Software Division are currently being finalized. Be sure to check back often.

  1. Developing your iGEM Software Team:
    • Students: Undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline at an accredited college or university can participate in a team. Undergraduates include students working towards a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree. Postgraduate students, or postdocs, may also be on teams. However, students are responsible for the primary work of a team.
    • Faculty Advisors: Each team must work with at least two faculty members, one with a programming or biology background, and another from any other disciple including, but not limited to, science, engineering, social sciences, medicine, or law. Additional faculty members may also be listed as faculty advisors. One of the faculty members must be designated as the primary faculty advisor. She or he is ultimately responsible for the official registration of the team, the team roster, and payment of team fees.
    • Advisors: In addition to the required roles above, teams are encouraged to recruit non-faculty advisors.
  2. Team Structure:
    • The structure of iGEM teams is flexible. Several schools may combine to form a team and a school may have several teams. In particular, it is normal for a school to have both a Software and a Wetware team.
  3. Registration and Other Fees:
    • iGEM 2013 Software Team registration: For 2013, the iGEM Software Team registration fee is the same as all other teams: $2750 USD.
    • Jamboree attendance fee: $375 USD is required for each attendee for teams attending the iGEM 2013 Software Jamboree. This attendance fee will also allow participants to attend all activities in the collegiate and entrepreneurship jamborees. The attendance fee for the World Championship jamboree will be $ 375 USD.
    • Each team must send at least one instructor.
  4. Project Documentation:
    • The team's project must be documented on the iGEM Wiki. You have the freedom to be creative, but a few specific rules apply. See the wiki requirements page.
  5. Software Submission:
    Submissions are needed to create a valuable community and commons of ideas. Teams are required to document the inspiration and examples of their software and make them available to future teams. Software must be made available on the registry of software tools, hosted by GitHub. The site is located at: Github requirements:
    • Each team instructor will need to create a user account on GitHub.
    • Team members are also encouraged to have their own GitHub accounts.
    • Each instructor will be added to a specific GitHub "team" created for each iGEM team. These teams have associated with them a set of permissions and associated repository.
    • Each instructor will then add their team members to their GitHub Team as desired.
    • You are free to organize your GitHub repository as you wish. However the following are required:
    o All source code and libraries (or links to them if they are licensed) must be made available. o A README file must be in the top level of your repository. This should provide a general overview of your software, a description of the directory structure you have chosen, and instructions on how to compile your code into an executable. o An executable (if applicable) for your code at the top level of your repository. o An installer (if applicable) for your code at the top level of your repository.
    • Text or video tutorial at the top level of your repository (this is a silver medal optional criteria).
    Team instructors will be contacted by the end of August in order to add them to the appropriate GitHub teams to start the process.
  6. Track Submissions:
    If your team is also participating in the wetlab tracks, all presentations and if possible, data sources, must be made available for public use.
  7. Use of BioBricks:
    Teams in the software division will not receive a copy of the 2013 distribution. If you have planned experiments, it is recommended to form a wetlab team to receive parts and adhere to appropriate safety guidelines.
  8. Attributions:
    The description of each project must clearly attribute work done by the Students and distinguish it from work done by others, including host labs, Advisors, Instructors, technicians, sponsors, professional website designers, artists, and commercial services. Please see the Imperial College 2011 Acknowledgements page for an example:
  9. Project Presentation:
    All team members are required to attend the Software Jamboree. The Software Jamboree will be held TBD. Oral and poster presentations must be given by team members. Final .pdf files of the posters must be submitted to iGEM HQ before or during the jamboree weekend.
  10. Positive Contribution:
    All participants are required to work hard to build positive contributions to society and have lots of fun.

If you have any questions about the requirements for participating in iGEM 2013, contact the staff at iGEM Headquarters. +1.617.500.3106