High School Achievement

Auc Turkey, the high school iGEM team trained by Atoms Turkiye member Mustafa Elitok has achieved the non-other 1st runner up prize in the 2013 jamboree which can be viewed on the link Despite joining for the second year, their achievements was an inexplicable joy for us and our university. Our high school student Furkan Bestepe who has undergone a training period of two years has become a member of our team Atoms Turkiye. Below: AUC Turkey Project Description.

Big budgets and significant amounts of energy are annually allocated to cooling systems. Also, these cooling processes are one of the factors of environmental distruption. The aim of our project, BactoCooler, is to accomplish a highly efficient and low cost cooling without distrupting nature’s magnificient balance through the usage of the most common form of life on Earth, bacteria. BactoCooler contains a special RNA Thermometer which allows translation after a specific temperature. This initiates the production of the urease enzyme which is responsible in the breakdown of urea. This organic endothermic reaction results in the significant cooldown of the environment.

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