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Meet the Devils

FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Abhinav Markus, Senior Biomedical Engineering major, is the T cell receptor of the team. He recognizes good pathogenic antigen (biobricks) when he sees them. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Nisarg Patel, Senior in Molecular Biology, is the nucleus of the team. He knows where all our DNA is and he monitors production of biobrick genes.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Hyder Hussain, a senior in Computational Math, Hyder is the protein kinase of the team. He makes sure all of our genetic and cellular processes run smoothly and efficiently. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Julia Smith, Senior in Biomedical Engineering, is the 5-HT serotonin receptor of the team. She makes sure team moral is high and the team is motivated.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Nathan Palmer, a sophomore in Molecular Biology, is the MHC class 1 pathway of the team. He presents data for scientists to recognize and approve. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Rohit Rajan, Junior in Biochemistry, is E.coli's Yeb secretion tag of the team. He oozes awesomeness and, making the ASU iGEM team just that much better.
FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Ryan Muller, Junior majoring in Biochemistry, is the ribosome of the team. He ''translates'' biobrick genes (in E.coli of course!), to generate characterization data. FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash; Joseph (Joe) Yun, a senior in Molecular Biology, is the granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor of the team. He promotes growth and develop of the team.

Meet the Advisors

Dr. Karmella Haynes

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Dr. Karen Anderson

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Dr. Hugh Mason

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FSE Photos: iGem2012 &emdash;

Kylie Standage-Beier

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