Team  Members

  • ChunLi

    Chun Li

    Ph.D., Professor; Dean of Department of Biological Engineering, School of Life Science of BIT. Prof. Li’s research interests are in the fields of Synthetic biology, Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering, Space Microbiotechnology.

  • Shuyuan Guo

    Shuyuan Guo

    Dr. Shuyuan Guo is an Associate professor at School of Life Science, Beijing Institute of Technology. Her main research topic is the Insect-Pathogen interactions, mainly between Bacillus thuringiensis and its target insect.

  • Zhe Li

    Zhe Li

    I am just an advisor…

    Without pain or sacrifice, we would have nothing. (Fight Club)

    Do… or do not. There is no try. (Yoda)

  • Yueqin Liu

    Yueqin Liu

    It is my pleasure to become a member of the iGEM competition and also glad to share with the dribs and drabs of the experiment and life.

  • HaiyangJia

    Haiyang Jia

    Chemical Engineering and Technology

    responsible for the design of the whole gene gene circuit, developing experiment program, the assembly of the Quorum-sensing device and independent variable frequency oscillator, and some management works

  • XiangYing Sun

    XiangYing Sun

    My name is Xiangying Sun, I am a graduate student. This is my first time to participate in iGEM as an advisor. In our project, I am mainly responsible for hierarchy heat-resistant device.

Students Members
  • WenhongZu

    Wenhong Zu


    I’m crazy about synthetic biology for its concepts and application. In this iGEM project, I’m responsible for the stochastic dynamics analysis of engineered gene circuit by mathematical modelling and numerical simulation.

  • HuanSun

    Huan Sun


    responsible for the assembly of the PCD device and thermotolerance(HSPs) device ,writing weekly journal of iGEM conferance and presentation.

  • BaiyangLiu

    Baiyang Liu


    iGEM is my first lab experience and it is a great chance for me to design something amazing. I have taken part in the experiment, project and poster design,enjoying working with other teammates.

  • LichaoZhu

    Lichao Zhu

    hi, i'm Richard, this year I accomplished the heat-resisting device with xiangying sun and yun wang. to me, joining IGEM is a great process of experiencing and learning many things. it helps me understand the synthetic biology more clearly.

  • YunqianWang

    Yunqian Wang

    It is a really pleasure to take part in iGEM. I feel that I am very lucky to work with my friends, from which I get a lot of knowledge and happiness. I like make friends with all kinds of people, for talking with a new friend will give you both new information and new happiness.

  • Shanqin Liang

    Shanqin Liang


    The more challenge,the more passion. As a senior student ,I’m not the most important but necessary in our team. My mainly work is experiment for RNA thermometer .Making poster is another work on which I need to focus .

  • Yue Wang

    Yue Wang


    I am an undergraduate from biological engineering, and I love watching movies and traveling. I'm involved in heat-resistant device and collecting relevant information for human practice .

  • Xiaoli Gu

    Xiaoli Gu

    Biological Engineering

    Xiaoli GU is a junior in Beijing Institute of Technology majoring in bioengineering. She makes a lot of in assembling the team .As a member of this team ,She is charge of poster and RNA thermometer.Playing Table tennis is her favorite sport.

  • LuanyiNan

    Yinan Luan

    Industrial Design

    I am the artistic director in the Wiki group. I am responsible for the group's LOGO design, Wiki's graphic design and poster's beautification.

  • Nisi Jiang

    Nisi Jiang

    Participating in this challenging competition offers me a chance to do these creative works. I'm responsible for designing the gene network,di and the improvement of existing devices. "Where there is a will there is a way."

  • Bangjie Liao

    Bangjie Liao

    Vehicle Engineering

    I am a programmer in the Wiki group, and I am responsible for the coding of our Wiki website, whilst I also provide necessary technical supports to the other groups.

  • Jiexin Zhang

    Jiexin Zhang

    Information Engineering

    IGEM is a platform to accumulate relevant research experience. I’m the responser of the wiki group and in charge of the design, construction and maintenance of our team wiki.

  • Tianhui Zhang

    Tianhui Zhang

    Industry Engineering

    It's my great please to join this team.I am responsible for the mathematical modelling.

  • Yuehan

    Han Yue

    I am a student of BIT. iGEM teach me a lot about synthetic biology and it make me feel curious about life. I am responsible for human practice and help other members.

About the University

Beijing Institute of Technology is one of the national key universities in China, an open, public, research-oriented university with a focus on science and technology. The 10th university to enter the 985 Project, which started in order to develop 39 Chinese universities that would seek to become world renowned universities.One of the first 15 universities to join 211 Project which established roughly 100 universities to cope with the challenges of the 21st century. Annual research fund in 2011 amounts to 160 million Euros ranking in the top 10 in China.

Received more than 130 national awards of science and technology over the past 30 years, ranking among the top 10 in China. According to the first national program evaluation from 2002 to 2004 by MOE, 1/3 of the programs in BIT were evaluated as national key programs.

BIT is one of the 1st universities to run a graduate school and one of the key universities supported by the central government in each Five-Year Plan since the foundation of the P. R. China. BIT receives considerable trilateral supports and endowments under the agreement signed by the Ministry of Education, the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, and the Beijing Municipal Government in September 2000.

BIT is now under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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