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Attributions & Acknowledgements



The undergraduate students of the BYU 2013 iGEM Team are actively involved in the invention, design, and implementation of our project, under the guidance of Dr. Julianne Grose. We are responsible for all the lab work, modeling, data analysis, wiki design, poster creation, and presentation development. This Phage Pharming project belongs to the entire team.


Brigham Young University Support


BYU 2013 iGEM TEAM would like to thank and acknowledge support from the College of Life Sciences and the Department of Microbiology & Molecular Biology in terms of funding, support personnel, facilities, and equipments which made our project possible. Additionally, we are appreciative of all other departments and faculties who contributed to our project.

Professors and Teaching Assistant

All research work is performed by the undergraduate students on our team. Our professors and advisors provides support and suggestions to facilitate the implement of our project. We would like to thank the tireless contributions of our advisor Dr. Julianne Grose. Her dedication to our team and iGEM is indispensable to our overall success. And thanks to Dr. David Kooyman and Dr. Paul Price for their valuable insights.

We recognize the work of our four devote graduate teaching assistants: Jordan Mackay, Whitney Hayes, Desi DeMille, and Bryan Badal. We are grateful for their assistance in the lab and the timely preparation of materials.

Support from Additional Professors and Research Groups

We would like to thank the following group and individuals (listed in alphabetical order of last names) for their help with our project:

  • Dr. Sherwood Casjens (University of Utah Department of Pathology) for T4 phage and helpful insights.
  • Dr. Jamie Jensen (BYU Department of Biology) for her helpful critique of the children's book and accompanying pre and post test.
  • Dr. William McCleary (BYU Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology) for training and the use of the ultracentrifuge.
  • Dr. Ian Molineux (University of Texas at Austin Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Program) for T7 phage.
  • Dr. Richard Robison (BYU Department of Microbiology & Molecular Biology) for training on the safe handling and disposal of Vibrio cholerae and Bacillus subtilis.
  • Dr. John Roth (UC Davis Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics) for E. coli strains containing Bacteriophage Lambda.
  • Dr. Michael Standing (BYU Microscopy Lab) for operating the transmission electron microscopy.
  • Dr. F. William Studier (Brookhaven National Laboratory) for valuable suggestions regarding our bacteriophage T7 experimental design.

Art and Technical Support

We acknowledge the efforts of


Redge Ballard

Redge was born in Rexburg, Idaho and has 7 brothers and sisters, a sister-in-law and one niece. He currently resides in Provo, Utah and is attending Brigham Young University as a computer science major. He intends to emphasize his CS major in the animation field. Since he was a small child he has always loved drawing and art in general. His areas of interest range from pen and pencil to ceramics, to digital, to animation.

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