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Our Project Summary

Anyone who is curious about our project, check this link! We added every step and we assure you, our project is really cool.


Meet with Our Team!

We are BaskentMeds and our iGEM adventure was all about friendship, fun, having great time together and create a lovely, helpful bacteria in the end. We are glad for everything.


Stay Informed with Our Progress

This is the link of our labbook, you should check it for seeing our progress in every step we take. You can see every path that we passed, everything we’ve been through during our lab time.


Check Our Human Practice and Social Section

Like everyone who has to work non-stop we got bored sometimes. Our options were limited but we had so much fun in our “middle of nowhere” lab, had great time with our best friends. Boredom is such a beautiful way to creativity, right?


Greetings Everyone!

We are Team BaskentMeds from Ankara/Turkey. We wanted to share our two years of working time, fun moments, videos, presentations with you in here. It was such beautiful and hard times and we can’t even describe everything we did in here; lots of hours in lab, travelling through universities for meeting other iGEM teams, long e-mail chains for collaboration, video shooting, brainstorming…It’s just… a lot. But we wanted to try to explaine. We hope you’ll love our project our admire for genetics as much as we do. Can’t wait to meet all of you guys!

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