Professor Douglas Densmore
Principal Investigator
Dr. Swapnil Bhatia
Dr. Ernst Oberortner

Janoo Fernandes and Alejandro Pelaez Lechuga

And the rest of the CIDAR team for helping us throughout the summer!

Center of Synthetic Biology (CoSBi)
Professor James Collins

We would like to also thank Professor Collins for his support and for access to lab equipment.

CoSBi UROP Faculty Sponsors
Professor Ahmad "Mo" Khalil
Professor Wilson Wong

We would like to thank Professor Khalil and Professor Wong for their Summer UROP Faculty Sponsorships.

Corporate Collaborations - BBN Technologies
Dr. Jacob Beal

We would like to thank Dr. Jacob Beal from BBN Technologies for teaching us how to use the BBN Synthetic Biology Tools and offering guidance for our characterization work.

University of Wisconsin Madison

We would like to thank Dr. James Thoden and Dr. Hazel M. Holden from the Holden Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for sending us genomic DNA for our Quorum Sensing project.


The laboratory work was completed by Jake Awtry, Devina Desai, Shawn Jin, Thomas Lozanoski, and Pooja Shah. They utilized Clotho, Eugene, and Pigeon with initial instruction from the CIDAR lab. The team adviser, Dr. Traci Haddock, and mentor, Sonya Iverson, provided instruction in protocols and troubleshooting guidance throughout the project for the wet lab experiments.

Evan Appleton and Jenhan Tao helped Pooja and Devina write the code for the Data Sheet App and introduced them to some computer science principles, Java, and JavaScript. Dr. Ernst Oberortner taught the team how to use Eugene and met with them on a weekly basis to go over advancements and feedback about the Eugene program.

The website template is from our 2011 iGEM team's wiki page (BU Wellesley Software). Traci, Pooja, and Devina edited the CSS file and created the new pages for this year's wiki. It was a full team effort to fill in the various Wiki pages.


We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous support. Without the support from the following Boston University departments and corporate sponsors, we never would have been able to compete in iGEM.

Thank you very much!