How to succeed in Public Relations - Social Media Analysis

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As Facebook was our most important communication channel, we would like to provide some guidelines for future iGEM teams on how to use this channel more effectively for Human Practices activities. Therefore we analyzed our own fanpage exemplary for others to show how to optimize activities on this channel.
As iGEM is an international competition, it is most important to post and twitter in English to reach the fans and followers worldwide.

Origin of Facebook Fans
The graphic shows where on the world our Facebook fans are located.

Regarding to the country of origin of the fans, a matched posting strategy can be used. As expected the fans of our fanpage mostly come from Germany. However, we also reached stakeholders in multiple other countries. As most of our fans come from Europe and North and South America we chose to post and twitter at 10pm German time. The diagram on the right shows that this tactic was the right decision.
The best time for posts is 10pm. This daytime is perfect for European users who are at home after work but also for Americans where it is afternoon then.
Wednesday 10pm is the best time for posts. All in all we posted 14 times on Wednesday evenings and got an average of 12.79 reactions per post.

Posting Times Facebook

Summing up we can say that iGEM Teams can reach a wide range of stakeholders via Facebook as it is an international social network with a huge number of registered users. To get into a vivid dialog adjusting the times and language of posts is therefore useful.

If any further questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us: We hope you found this guide to successful public relations useful and it helps your team to better communicate the idea of synthetic biology.

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linie rot 8pix hoch