Team:Buenos Aires/ attribution




Team formation

The team formation was in charge of Manuel Giménez, Alicia Grande and Nicolás Nieto Moreno

Project choice, brain storming, get the final idea

The couple of months we took to discuss the project included several meetings, at which the whole team participation was crucial: Manuel Giménez, Alejandro Nadra, Alicia Grande and Nicolás Nieto Moreno as instructors and advisors.

Inés Patop, Sebastián Mildiner, Luciano Marasco, Lucas Vattino, Santiago Sosa, Federico Vignale, Sebastián Degese, Federico Barone and Francisco Dorr as students.

Contributions by Alan Bush and Edgar Altsyler were essential.

All over the year we kept having team meetings once a week.

Wet lab

The student members of our team, who worked in the wet lab are:

Inés Patop

Sebastián Mildiner

Luciano Marasco

Lucas Vattino

Santiago Sosa

Federico Vignale

Sebastián Degese

The advisors who taught us how to work at the lab and helped us are:

Nicolás Nieto Moreno

Alicia Grande

Hernán Bonomi

Nicolás Carlotto

Benjamín Basanta


Federico Barone (team member, student) Edgar Altsyler (who helped Federico with the modelling)

Wiki design and multimedia work

Francisco Dorr was the member in charge of the wiki

Some of the wiki pictures and images were taken by the photographers Nicole Shrewsbury and Sebastián Vishnopolska.

Video, Photos and Audio were made by Gonzalo Moiguer, Rodrigo Meléndez and Javier de Azkue.

Prototype Design

The design of the physical device was performed by the industrial designers Romina Mathieu, Luciana Feo Mourelle and Adrián Teijeiro.

3D printing was made by: