Team:Buenos Aires/ instructors



Ale.jpg Alejandro Nadra- Biologist - Chemistry PhD
I'm M. Sc. in Biology (2001) and Ph. D. in Chemistry (2005). My subjects of interest are protein's structure/function/folding and their interaction with nucleic acids. Also hemoproteins, evolution and synthetic biology, and others. I did a post-doc with the molecular modelling group in the FCEyN and another one in the systems biology program of the Genomic Regulation Center from Barcelona. I started to work as teacher in the FCEyN in 2000 and I'm currently teaching assistant in the Department of Biological Chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires and researcher at CONICET. I'm also a member of the Structural Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of Biological Chemistry. Given the lack of Synthetic Biology in Argentina, we are promoting the area with Ignacio Sánchez since 2011. For this effort, we organized the first post-graduate course in the subject in 2011, and conducted a course with featured international referents in April 2012. I'm convinced that from my place and given my formation, I can boost Synthetic Biology and begin formation of pure strain Synthetic Biologists. I believe the iGEM competitions are an excellent tool for the education and motivation of students. I'm convinced that from Argentina we can contribute to the subject and be on pair with teams from everywhere in the world. Even though we count on less resources and funds, this lack is compensated with a huge motivation and creativity. More info at

Manu.jpg Manuel Giménez - Computer Scientist

I'm Ms. in Computer Science. My interests: telecommunications, distributed systems, logic & computability, human-computer interaction, software design and engineering, social entrepreneur- ship, and obviously, Synthetic biology. I was student member of the first argentinian igem team.

I'm mainly interested in the engineering vision that synthetic biology has, and I believe from the computer science standpoint, I have several ideas I can bring to this new subject.

I love scientific dissemination and teaching; I consider myself a straightforward communicator, and my natural way of working is in groups. I'm part of a political movements in my university, and I try to make my passing through this world the most transforming and engaging possible.