Team:Buenos Aires/ mapaarsenico


Testing water samples from different locations

Our project wouldn’t be fullfilled if we didn’t bring it to the society. To accomplish that, we are trying to make a map indicating the level of arsenite pollution in each location. However, we must know that due to the strange distribution of arsenic in groundwater,the detection of arsenic in a sample doesn't mean that the whole location is contamianted.

Colecta de muestras de agua.jpg

We have collected sample water from different towns around the country, specialy from the nearby of Buenos Aires, and we have measured the arsenic concentration of each sample. After that we have made an interactive google map in which you will be able to see the concentration of arsenic in each location.

Please, click on any picture if you want to see the interactive map.

Groundwater arsenic contamination map
Mapa grande.png

Wide view

Mapa chico.png

Buenos Aires area ampliation