Team:Buenos Aires/ students



Santi.jpg Santiago Sosa - Biology Student
My name is Santiago Sosa and I’m currently studying Biology. Although I like all areas of science I have a particular interest in life sciences. I decided to participate in IGEM because it’s a great and funny way of learning new stuff. However, it requires a hard work… I’m glad that our project is focus on contaminant detection and consequently it could be helpful for a lot of people.

But science is not my only one love, I also like singing. I’ve been singing in choirs for several years and I hope to do it for the rest of my life.

Ine.jpg Inés Patop- Biology Student
I am a biology student with many interests in different areas. I have been studying arts since I can remember, I love design and I am interested in anthropology and scientific communication. So the possibility to participate in a project that combine all my passions and with a direct application to the everyday life was a great opportunity. The whole sinBio concept and the engineering approach are amazing to me. I am really grateful for learning, designing and being able to help with environmental problems in the process.

Fran.jpg Francisco Dorr- Computer Science Student
I am 23 years old and I'm a Computer Science student. I've always been interested in biology though, so I started my studies in Bioinformatics. Im glad I can participate in the Buenos Aires Team and use my knowledge in theorical computer science to give a non-biology oriented vision to the project (if I manage to get listened by the biologists!). What I really love the most, is working with a so heterogenic human group. I'm learning a lot! Besides that, Synthetic Biology's span is so huge that one can do whatever he wants. There is no frontier!

Lucho.jpg Luciano Marasco- Biology Student
Biology student, assistant in Molecular Biology research, passionate botanic, part-time nerd, heavy drinker of orange juice and at night he fight against tooth decay.

Lucas.jpg Lucas Vattino- Biology Student
I am currently going through my last year as an undergraduate student at Facultad de Ciencas Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FCEyN-UBA), where I am also a teaching assistant in the Department of Physiology and Molecular Biology. My principal field of interest is Neurobiology, and my work is focused on understanding how cochlear hair cells work to process mechanical stimuli and transduce them into an electrical signal. I was interested in being part of an iGEM team because I think Synthetic Biology is a stimulating scientific challenge, where we can test our creativity and perseverance, and also the ability to develop an interdisciplinary work, which in turn may have an impact in society.

Sebam.jpg Sebastián Mildiner- Biology Student
Hello, my name is Sebastian, I am 22 and I am a fifth year biology student. Since childhood I’ve always been interested in science, but in particular I’m very excited about interdisciplinary work. I find it not only useful, but also a lot of fun! Sometimes it’s not easy build up bridges between the different specialities (biology, physics, chemistry, informatics, etc) because each one has it's own language, but once those walls are broken is that the best ideas come. So, when I realized that some people from our University were going to create a team for the iGEM competition I thought I couldn’t stay outside.

On the other side, I enjoy a lot to play football with friends (and I am well known in the pitch for my lack of any skill), also, watching movies and most of anything to travel.

Fedev.jpg Federico Agustín Vignale- Biology Student
I am a second year Biology Student at the University of Buenos Aires. I have never been involved in iGEM before, but I am very excited to be participating in the wet lab portion of it this year. I know that I will gain a ton of new knowledge and have a chance to hopefully step out of my comfort zone and learn a bit more about modeling and website design. Some of my interests include travelling, reading and reptile keeping.

Fedeb.jpg Federico Barone- Physics Student
In my career there is a clear division between theoretical and applied science. I always lean more towards the latter. For me IGEM was the perfect opportunity to work on an applied project with great perspectives.

Sebad.jpg Sebastián Degese- Chemistry Student
I'm 25 years old and I study Chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires. The main feature that attracted me the most about iGEM was the possibility of forming a project with people from different areas and see how my academic formation fits in an environment of cooperation and interdependece.

Outside the university I enjoy playing football, playing guitar, watching series (who doesn't), reading and ocassionally going to the sauna with friends (yes, I know).