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Attributions, Sponsors and References

All of this would not be possible without the resources and support we received from a variety of individuals and groups. Our team would like to thank all of the support that we received this year, particularly from our University, our sponsors and our advisors. Thank you!


University Support

The University of Calgary Entrepreneurial iGEM team would like to thank and acknowledge all of the support from the University, particularly the Faculty of Medicine, in terms of student stipends, facilities, and materials which made this project possible. We would also like to thank the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) for providing us with office space where we worked over the summer and into the fall term.

Contributions made by Students and by Industry Collaborations

All work presented here was performed by the students on our team. All research was conducted by the students with input from our advisory board. Contributions from industry collaborations are clearly outlined where applicable. Specifically, we would like to acknowledge ACAMP for assisting us in finding the information necessary to design a manufacturing strategy. We would also like to thank HydroQual Laboratories as well as Golder and Associates for providing us with meaningful feedback on end user requirements for our first generation product. Finally, we would like to thank a variety of people who gave us advice or guidance during this process:

  • Troy Vassos- Golder and Associates
  • Lyriam Marques- HydroQual Laboratories
  • Michael Thomas- ACAMP
  • Tom Tookey- Swift Engineering
  • Innovate Calgary
  • Harm Deckers- Independent Consultant
  • Tiro Clarke- Independant Consultant
  • Jason Innes- Uncommon Innovation
  • Alex Munro- Fronterra Ventures
  • Janielle Brooks-Smith- Enterprise and Advanced Education
  • Marilyn Kanerva- Enterprise and Advanced Education

Support from Advisors

Our professors and advisors contributed support and ideas to the students on various different topics. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Lisa Gieg, who advised us on the technology, John Mackay who provided us with insight from a legal prospective and Dr. Chris Dambrowitz, Dr. Sean Caffrey, Dr. Anwar Haq, Dr. Navneet Sharma and Dr. Rob Malach for their continual support and feedback during this project.

2012 Calgary iGEM Team

It is important to note that the technological basis for this project was provided by the 2012 Calgary iGEM team that all of our team members were a part of. With this basis however, all electrochemical data presented on the Technology page was collected by the 2013 team this summer and fall.


Our team would also like to thank our generous sponsors, without whom this project would not have been possible. Specifically, we would like to thank Alberta Innovates Technology Futures. Through their geekStarter program, they provided us with not only funding, but also opportunities to connect with experts as well as other iGEM students in order to refine our project. At their September workshop, we were able to gain extensive feedback on our presentation as well as see what some of the other Western Canadian iGEM teams are up to. Thank you Jennifer Hill and Sarah Lee for all of your advice and hard work with geekStarter!

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures & geekStarter

University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine

We would also like to thank the University of Calgary's faculty of medicine for helping us to secure additional funding for our project.

O'Brien Centre for the Bachelor of Health Sciences

Finally, we would like to thank the O'Brien Centre's Bachelor for the Health Sciences program. A long time supporter of iGEM teams at the University of Calgary, the Bachelor of Health Sciences program again provided us with funding for one of our students though summer studentships.


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