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This year we focused our human practices on the popularization of our project. We think divulgation is very important for the dissemination of science and technology. Besides exerting an undeniable cultural influence, in our point of view, also meets a key role, because our society will be more open, more democratic and more free if the bases of science are solid.

When scientific popularization is efficient, society can understand what science is, how it is done, what are the implications and applications derived from its activity. If society understands science, can also question it and rebuild it. The importance of scientists to carry out these activities is that they can communicate and facilitate the implementation of its results as well as the continuation and creation of new projects. Furthermore, the popularization of science must also be seen as a tool that takes advantage to promote both curiosity and imagination, in the case of children, such as logical thinking in audiences of all ages.

In our opinion, a poor scientific culture is the result of a lack of interest to disclose, but also of the lack of demand for disclosure.

In this regard we managed to get an interview in one of Mexico’s most important cultural radio stations, Radio Educación, to talk about Synthetic Biology, iGEM and our iGEM project.

Also, the communication between the science span, between scientists is equally important. It is necessary for the promotion of science, in this case of synthetic biology. It is necessary to establish healthy relationships, collaborations, common starting points to generate a breakthrough.

Finally, popular knowledge of science is needed because only this way it is possible to generate an informed opinion, and with this the population has the means and arguments to demand good public policy to decision-makers and good science and responsible at the scientists.

To attend this aspect we assisted to the 1st Forum in Synthetic Biology held on Mexico to talk about our project with other teams and people involved in the area, to listen about their investigations and generate relations and constructive discussions. Also in this regard we participated in the Synthetic Biology Seminar.